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The best for mixing dispersing emulsion

For 60 years the french company TEMEC has been manufacturing mixers for mixing dispersing emulsion adapted to industrial applications

Mixers dispersers made to measure

Food industry

Chemical industry

Pharmacy & cosmetics industry

Mixers dispersers for 60 years

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TEMEC leading-manufacturer of mixers dispersers for industry

Our mixers dispersers for industry are perfectly designed, adapted and designed for a wide variety of industrial sectors and applications.

  • In the agri-food sector they participate in the production of chocolates, sweets, gum balls and confectionery and pastry. Notably for Mondelez Milka , LU , Carambar Michoko , La Pie qui chante,  Gom’s and Ferrero Kinder
  • Our blenders also contribute to the creation of chemicals such as paints, inks and lasks; phytosanitary products and rubber and plastics. Our scattering mixers are used in the production of Sun Chemical and BASF.
  • In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, our blenders are involved in the manufacture of medicines, capsules, cream or toothpaste. Notably with the ACG and SANOFI laboratories

Scatter mixers of all sizes.

With useful capacities of 30 to 10,000 litres, we adapt our mixer disperser for industry to all production volumes. For agri-food, chemistry or pharmacy-cosmetic we manufacture to measure according to the needs of any industrial process. We work with SMEs, Intermediate Size Companies and also large international groups.The modularity of our blenders for mixing dispersion emulsion is an asset for productivity as well as for research and development. Our mixing system is based on shear knives, removable and steerable deflectors that control the vortex.

For very viscous products the agitation blades and scrapers are controlled by motorcycle-reducers. For greater efficiency, our blenders offer different dispersal mobiles at the bottom of the tank. 

The materials we use are carbon steels, including P265 GH or 304L and 316L stainless steels.We offer all types of measuring and control instruments: vacuum power, steam injector, other speed variation that allow optimal use of the production tool.

Our products mixing dispersing emulsion are themselves certified and manufactured according to current standards.

On every continent

TEMEC dispersers are present in Europe, India and America. Our know-how has thus for decades crossed borders and oceans. Our experience combined with the recativity of our design office allows us to design, manufacture and install blenders all over the world. TEMEC is a major export player in this field in France. 

Mixing dispersing emulsion

TEMEC scattering mixers a family story

Since 1959 the TEMEC Company has been manufacturing mixer disperser for industry.

60 years after its founder Christian Guary, a third generation of passionate entrepreneurial engineers now runs TEMEC. Their efforts have always focused on developing new systems and improving existing systems, working closely with their customers around the world.

Rigor and commitment have been TEMEC’s values since its inception. It is on this base that TEMEC has developed its activity and competence for a wide variety of applications and an efficient range range with manufacturers of all sizes around the world. 

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